Rotterdam, The Netherlands


19 - 20 June



Alive. Active. Adaptive.

International Conference on Experiential Knowledge and Emerging Materials


Mycelium Chair: Eric Klarenbeek

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Conference Proceedings are out!

Alive. Active. Adaptive.

is an International Conference organized under the DRS Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG). Professionals from various career paths including those creating pre written essays will benefit from the information provided by the participants of this conference. It focuses on the experiential knowledge of working with emerging materials that are alive, active and adaptive, whether by means of biological or computational processes or an integration of the two. The conference brings together design practitioners, researchers, engineers, architects and artists to discuss the future of emerging materials and its implications for design research and practice.



As materials acquire new agency and interactional possibilities, how do we work with such alive, active and adaptive materials? 
How do we mobilize the inherent properties of these materials in eliciting unique material experiences and ways of doing? 
And as materials acquire connectivity (whether digital or organic), how do we understand the movements, temporalities and relationships of a material in relation to other materials?



Photo: Stan Claus